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Before voting, each voter receives from the Vote Officials:

  • a username+password which allows to access the authentication web site
  • a personal Secret Token which allows to cast a single vote
  • the fingerprint of the digital certificates of the UCCI.IT eBallot web sites which allow optionally to verify the authenticity of the web sites.

The voting procedure is the following:

  1. the voters connect to the authentication web site and give their voting credentials (username+password and Secret Token)
  2. the voters are automatically transferred to the vote web site where they fill-in a web form containing the vote
  3. the voters receive a Vote Receipt which must be kept in a safe and secret place since it can allow others to learn the casted vote.

In case the access to the vote web site is not possible, for technical or personal reasons, immediately after the authentication procedure (step 1), the voter can repeat the authentication procedure (step 1) at a later moment. Instead it is possible to send a vote (step 2) only once.

At the end of the voting period, the voters should verify on the web pages indicated in the Vote Receipt that their votes have been counted correctly.

If a voter finds a problem or an error in the results of the vote, she must contact immediately the Vote Officials and, if requested by them, should provide them the first part of the Vote Receipt (the second part of the Vote Receipt must never be given to anyone).

Every voter can check that the first part of the Vote Receipt is uniquely associated to her vote by using the second part of the Vote Receipt following the instructions posted on the authentication web site.


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