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The system is composed of the following components:

eBallot Officials and System Managers
To run a ballot, some Officials and Managers must organize and supervise the system. In particular the Officials must distribute to the voters the Vote Credentials which allow the voters to access the balloting system, and supervise the final counting of the ballots. The System Managers must configure and run the systems hosting the web servers with the UCCI.IT eBallot applications.
Voters' Web Browser
Voters connect to the system using their usual web-browser; no particular software or hardware is needed to use the UCCI.IT eBalloting system, nor it is requested that users learn any particular procedure to be able to vote.
Authentication Server
Voters first connect to the Authentication Web Server where they present their authentication credentials, usually just username+password and a personal Secret Token which can be used only once. Every voter is also given by the eBallot Officials the fingerprints of the digital certificates of the Authentication Server so to be sure of the identity of the server itself.
The Authentication Server creates a Voting Authorization, which is just a signed and encrypted text document, and send it to the voter as an hidden field in the final web page.
The voter then must connect to the Vote Server to cast the ballot, this is not done directly but through a Anonymizer: this service can have different implementations depending on the security requests of the vote and it can range from particular configurations of the Vote Server to independent servers internationally distributed running specialized anonymizer protocols like TOR.
Vote Server
The voter connects in an anonymous way to the Vote Server, receives and fills-in the web-ballot (a simple web FORM) and sends back to the Vote Server the ballot and the Voting Authorization. The Vote Server checks that the Voting Authorization has not been used already and registers the vote. Finally the Vote Server sends to the voter a unique Verification Code which allows the voter to check that the vote has been accounted correctly.
At the end of the voting period, the eBallot Officials will publish the list of all votes with the Verification Codes, and the results of the ballot.

Here you can find a diagram of the procedure: Procedure Diagram


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