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*YesNoBallot* (c) iStockphoto Having an easy-to-use, flexible and modular system we can easily provide different services to fit all possible needs: from yes/no to multi-ballots, with different options and features like group-voting or individual-double-credentials, username+password or client digital certificates etc. The system is scalable, so that it can be used for simple ballot within small groups or large ballots for thousands of people. The software and hardware requested can be easily scaled for very large ballots.
This is our offer:

The simplest package is already very rich of features: up to 500 voters and 72 hours of open ballot, simple or multi-ballot, automatic counting of the votes.
The Authentication and Vote servers are on physical different hardware, individual username+password and/or client digital certificates for each voter, manual off-line counting of the votes, up to 2500 voters and 120 hours of open ballot.
The Authentication, Anonymizer and Vote servers are on physical different hardware, the Authentication and Anonymizer servers can be at the location of the customer, all features are tailored to the customer needs, from the number of voters to the opening time, and all applications can be personalized adding non standard features like multiple consecutive ballots depending on the outcomes of previous ballots etc.

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